TeamDev America Inc is a US company specializing in providing software development services. With strong partnership ties, TeamDev America Inc is your best vendor for development in Java.

TeamDev America Inc is an authorised reseller for products of TeamDev Ltd.

Development offices:

  • Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Bar, Montenegro


Custom Java solutions for web and desktop applications.

Solutions based on libraries for integration of browsers, Microsoft Office and COM in general, desktop, native libraries and system API into Java.

Cloud solutions, enterprise development utilising Microsservices, BigData, CQRS, ES, Machine Learning, Neural Networks.

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Browser integration


A cross-platform library for integration of Chromium browser into Java applications.


Solution for integration of Chromium-based WPF component into .NET applications.

Java Native Integration


A cross-platform library for performing screen and video capture in Java applications.


A bidirectional Java-COM bridge for working with COM/OLE/OCX or ActiveX objects in Java applications.


Cross-platform solution, allowing to call operating system native library functions from Java code.

Domain-Driven Design


Open-source CQRS/ES framework for building cloud applications DDD way.

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